our Story

from 40 dollars to +3M in 6 years, hard smart work only.

At 18 years old, I went to the supermarket, bought for around 40 bucks everything I needed to start my own cleaning company and finished multi-millionnaire at 24 when I sold all of my businesses to focus on going to the next level.

My story

I succeed because I failed.

My Journey started 7 years ago at 18 years old when I had to suddenly stop my professionnal sport career due to a really bad back injury.

I had no degrees, only a dream and a bestfriend who was an engineer specialized in softwares development in a world renowned company.

At this moment , I was anxious about my future because I didn’t know what to do and how to do to make a living and achieve my goals.

Weeks later, my bestfriend told me that his company were looking for a new cleaning company for their office. I didn’t need more to take this opportunity and make it mine.

I had the contract, and went to the local supermarket and bought all the stuff needed to make the work and I started do it. This is how I started my first company.

I was working hard cleaning offices all day long, but with paperwork to do and customers to satisfy, I had no time to develop my sales and no money to hire a salesperson.. So I had to find a way to do it.

When you’re looking to scale your business to the next level but you’re to busy satisfying your customers, you’ve to find ways to have good leads quickly and the more easily as possible. So, you’ve to be smarter than ever.

I found that webmarketing, automation, emailing, adwords and developping SEO content was the best way to make it. So I told it to my bestfriend and we started developping softwares, website and automation strategies that would allow me to develop my business and get more sales so I can hire employees and reach the next level.

We did the work. Everything we developed was working good, but we were still looking for excellence and to make our process better and better.

In early 2019, all of this smart hardwork put me as an owner and CEO of a multi-millions dollars holding with subsidiaries in BtoB services and made me able to own a real estate portfolio of over 3M$. Still in 2019 before I turned 24, I sold my services companies worth millions to focus myself on Real Estate, Marketing & softwares.

Today, I want to help as many as possible entrepreneurs to scale their business, build passive and smart leads to reach their goals and dreams.

Every softwares we provide are the ones I used to built my companies and allowing me to live the Life I always dreamed about.

I’m truly able to tell you that you’re only at a simple « click » to use years of developments, experimentations of what made me a millionaire.

If I had to give you two advices :

« Work hard, but don’t forget to be smart »

«  A passive work gives massives results »

Sincelery yours.

Any questions ?

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